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Keeping the Novena in Parish of Headley with Box Hill

We will be keeping the Novena, the nine Days from Ascension to Pentecost (from 6th-15th May) as a special time of prayer and meditation on our Christian Mission Continue reading

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Patronal festival – Celebrating the call of St Andrew

This year St Andrew’s day was delayed by a day to make way for Advent Sunday. It actually seems very appropriate to have the festival in the season of watching and waiting since, in the Gospel of John, Andrew is … Continue reading

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Why do we remember? Remembrance at St Andrew’s 2014

As usual Box Hill is ahead of its time In most other churches (including St Mary’s, Headley) people are celebrating All Saints today.  Because the 1st of November is All Saints’ Day – when we celebrate those important men and women … Continue reading

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Private Leonard Arthur Morley, died 18th October, 1914

At 10:30 on Sunday 2nd November at St Andrew’s we will be holding a service of Remembrance for those from Box Hill who have fallen fighting for this country in two world wars. This year we learned that to the six … Continue reading

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Ascension Day Service – 6:30am on 29th May at the Lookout (Box Hill)

  At the Festival of the Ascension we recognise that Christ is no longer with us in human form.  The imagery is of Jesus ascending to be with the Father. But Jesus is far from lost to us and the … Continue reading

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The Truth about the Trinity – Love in three Persons – Bones to Philosophy, but Milk to Faith – Trinity C

Trinity Sunday – Year C Rublev’s “Trinity”   Traditionally people are rather scared to preach on Trinity Sunday – quite rightly!  They are concerned about getting involved in intractable metaphysical arguments,  full of theological elephant traps. This is not surprising … Continue reading

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Weekly Bible Study – noon on Saturdays at The Tree, Box Hill

Beginning 25th May, Charlie Holme and Chris Hancock will be leading a regular Saturday gathering to discuss the readings set to be read in church the following day (Sunday). We meet at 12:00 at The Box on Box Hill Road … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with Mattins?

Mattins services are held in the Parish of Headley with Box Hill whenever there is a fifth Sunday in the month.   Attendance is often quite low as people find the language obscure and participation in the service can be … Continue reading

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