3. Give us this day our daily bread


The Greek word translated as ‘daily’ (epiousion) occurs nowhere else in the ancient world so its meaning is hard to determine. It seems that it literally means ‘for being’.  Bread ‘for being’ is the minimum which we need to survive ‘each day’. The Roman church translated epiousion into Latin as cotidianus or ‘every day’ with a sense of ‘not special’.  This in turn became ‘daily’.

Any mention of bread in church must make us think of the Eucharist – the far from ordinary bread –  which we normally only receive once or twice a week.

So all of these meanings can be in mind when we say these words.


Action – take a piece of bread or a biscuit – give thanks for the bread and for the day


Thoughts for prayer:

  • Give thanks for the food that we have
  • Pray for those without
  • Notice how little we actually need
  • Consider whether we could manage with less and be more grateful


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