2. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven

Headley parish map


The second prayer is for the coming of God’s kingdom. One of the central questions for us during these days of the Novena, (the nine days between Ascension Day (10th May) and Pentecost (20th May) is what it means for God’s kingdom to come.

This may be thought to mean the end of the world – in which case we might prefer to pray, ‘but not not yet!’  There is a thought that rather than waiting for the end of the world, the resurrection of Christ marks the beginning of God’s kingdom on earth.  With this thought (so-called realised eschatology) the new world has begun, death has been conquered and sin washed away.  Our job as disciples of Christ and witnesses of his resurrection is to work to perfect the world – in order that ‘thy will be done’!



Find your home on the map

Find the home of someone you want to pray for

May every home be a part of God’s kingdom


Thoughts for prayer:

  • Acknowledge God as the ruler of all the earth
  • Thank God for the rules which govern our behaviour
  • Pray that we make our village a part of that kingdom
  • Trust God and place ourselves under his love and protection


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