Keeping the Novena in Parish of Headley with Box Hill

 In response to the call from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to see a “a great wave of prayer across our land, throughout the Church of England and many other Churches”

We are keeping the Novena, the nine Days from Ascension to Pentecost (from 6th-14th May), as a special time of prayer and meditation on our Christian Mission and the building up of the Kingdom of God in our Parish.



You can support this by attending the services being held  daily 6th – 14th May:

  • Morning Prayer held daily at St Mary’s Headley at 9:00am
  • Evening Prayer held daily at St Andrew’s, Box Hill at 6:00pm (except 6th May at St Mary’s)


Pentecost ikon

We will be using the  standard form of Common Worship for Morning and Evening Prayer which can be found on the web.

On the website you can also download an app for iPhone or Android so you can follow along yourself even if you cannot get to church

Daily Prayer on the web

As well as praying for the whole Church of Christ Jesus, we will also be saying these prayers for our Parish:


Collect for the Parish

Heavenly Father,

We give you thanks for the blessings of this Parish – its landscape and scenery, its plants and animals – all the wonders of your creation which are to found here.

We pray for all those who live and work here, for those who pass through to enjoy its beauty and those who stay and call it home.

Through your blessed servants Mary and Andrew many found their way to you through your son Jesus Christ,

help your Church to point the way so that the people of this Parish may find you, and so we may become

Disciples of your truth,

Ambassadors of your love and

Messengers of your salvation to the world.



Jabez Prayer (1 Chron 4:10)

Lord, bless this Parish

May your hand be over it

May you extend our boundaries

and enhance our ministry

May you keep us from all hurt and harm.  Amen



For more information about the Archbishops’ appeal, visit:

Read the Archbishops’ letter here.



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