That’s the Spirit – a drama for Pentecost

Hope you find this inspiring …

The Word on the Hill

Adapted from an idea in “Plays for all Seasons” by Derek Haylock

Scenario Imaginary interview between Simon Peter and two Roman guards to recount the events of the first Pentecost Sunday.

Bible base Acts 2. 1-42; Mark 14. 66-72Cast Peter, a Roman Centurion, a Roman Soldier

Scene– Jerusalem – The two guards are sitting behind a table.

Centurion Interview with one Simon known as “The Rock”, at the headquarters of the Jerusalem Garrison, 6pm on the Day of Pentecost, in the seventh year of the Prefecture of Pontius Pilate. (To Peter) You are Simon, known as “the Rock”?

Peter Yes

Roman Soldier  Why “the Rock” – are you a wrestler or something?

Peter It’s a long story – Jesus called me that

Centurion You are from Galilee?

Peter Correct

Centurion Occupation?

Peter Fisherman – well ex-fisherman – put “fisher of men”. (Smiles at the Soldier who is still scowling

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