Good Friday 2015 – Walk of witness and Stations of the Cross

12:00    Begin St Andrew’s, Box Hill 

Approximate timings in Italics

I.         Jesus is condemned to death

12:30  Walk of Witness begins

II.     Jesus carries his cross—Start walk

III.    Jesus falls the first time – Post office – 12:45

IV.     Jesus meets his mother — the Tree – 12:55

V.      Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross — across Heath – 13:05

VI.     Veronica wipes the face of Jesus — National Trust Brimer Pond car park 13:20

VII.    Jesus falls for the second time — National trust big car park – 13:40

VIII    Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem — Cock Inn – 13:55

IX.     Jesus falls for the third time — Church Gate –  14:00

X.      Jesus is stripped of his garments — Entrance to Church

XI.     Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross

XII .   Jesus dies on the cross — words from the cross / the last hour

15:00   Service ends St Mary’s, Headley

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