David Harknett update – wonderful news

Some wonderful news and a message for us all from David himself on the Melbury website


“I was admitted to Dorchester Hospital on Tuesday 16th April with a virulent form of Streptococcal Aureus (a bacterial infection). This caused septicaemia and multiple organ failure. I was dying.

To put it bluntly, that medical language above did not become a paragraph on a certificate under the heading “Cause of Death”. It became the start of a long, painful adventure. Because I was also dying to live.

Which is where your love and prayers come in. Since I became conscious and communicative my consultants have emphasised two things: 1) “David you were very poorly”. 2) “David you are the luckiest man alive”. Thank you for fighting with me, right across the world.

Although at times a prison, the care here is faultless and my journey strengthens step by step. On 2nd May I transfered from ICU to HDU and on 3rd May onto an orthopaedic ward. The physio already has me on crutches!

I’m eating well and doing more things for myself, little-by-little. Although there are 3 geriatrics in our ward, the young lad opposite and I banter from time to time. And I’ve enjoyed talking with one nurse about Zimbabwe and God’s creation and another one in her 20′s about a vibrant, recently lapsed, Catholic faith.

Rev David Harknett

Rev David Harknett

I feel good writing this myself. It is so wonderful to be alive, and midst the occasional tears as I look back or look forward, I am full of joy.

If I may end in a bold way, please take time to check your own appreciation of this precious God-given life. Perhaps a minute at the start or end of the day to say, “Thank you God for…”. It may sound alien or strange to begin with, but give it a go! And during the day, ensure there is great play and laughter. Let children be your teachers here.

Thank you for all your encouragements, which will be needed for months to come.

‘Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.” (The book of Deuteronomy)

Love, peace, joy and a big hug to all,


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