Bishop of Dorking preaches at St Mary’s

Last Sunday the congregations of Headley and Box Hill  united at St Mary’s to hear the Bishop of Dorking, the Rt. Revd. Ian Brackley, preach, celebrate Holy Communion and consecrate an extension to the burial ground in the churchyard.

Churchyard extension showing field     Consecration

Pictured at the consecration are Rt. Revd. Ian Brackley (Bishop of Dorking) Revd. Linda Harknett (Rector), George Nixon and Jan Curtis (Churchwardens of Parish of Headley with Box Hill)

 In his Lenten-themed sermon Ian preached on three messages of God which come to us from the cross:

1. The power of powerlessness
2. The resilience of truth in the face of force
3. The enduring nature of the love of God.

Bishop Ian has kindly shared his sermon with us and you can read it in full by following the link below

Bishop Ian on Lent 2 Year C Headley St Mary’s2013

At the end of the service the congregation stepped out into the cold and, with snow flakes in the air, Bishop Ian led a service of consecration of the churchyard.  This brief liturgy was the culmination of almost 10 years of work by the Churchwardens past and present in order to ensure we have adequate space for the needs of the Parish in the future.

It was a proud day for them and a happy day for us.

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