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The Woman at the Well – Chris Hancock on John 4: 5-42

This Gospel is all about food and drink – the necessities of life While the disciples are in the city buying food, Jesus stops at Jacob’s well to get a drink Apparently we can survive 30-40 days without food; we … Continue reading

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Andy Jacobson preached at Box Hill on 20th March

The Rev Andy Jacobson preached at St Andrew’s on Sunday 20th  March (2nd Sunday of Lent) Taking Abraham as his exemplar Andy preached on how an act of faith is a response to God and can lead to great consequences.  … Continue reading

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Keeping Lent 2011

Giving up and taking up Vote in our poll to find out what the most popular Lenten observances: What are you giving up for Lent?                                    What are you taking up for Lent?     I am giving up Custard Creams. I … Continue reading

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